Guided Tours

Minimum Group Size of 20. $8.00 each plus HST. We admit one chaperone free of charge for every 5 guests in group. If your group is less then 20 and you want a Guided Tour it is still available at a flat charge of $160.00 plus HST. Allow 3-4 hours for guided tour.

Upon arrival, your curator will meet your bus and expedite you through the admission process. If you wish to stop for a quick snack break before beginning your adventure we will do that first, then all bags will be loaded into a Zoo vehicle which will meet you back at your picnic area at lunch time. This prevents the children from having to lug their heavy bags around all day, while also insuring that our goats aren’t being fed cheese whiz sandwiches. After a quick orientation your tour will begin.

Your curator will be entering the animal exhibits to feed them all the while educating your group about each animal. After about an hour to hour and a half your curator will leave you in one of our picnic area’s returning 30 minutes later to continue your tour. If you have chosen to do Show and Share your tour will end at our barn area where the children will take a break and have a seat for a bit while your curator brings out the various show & share animals to meet & greet you. Time permitting your children can then break into their individual groups and along with their chaperones go back and spend a bit more time with the animals that were of particular interest to them while heading back towards the front of the Zoo and your bus.

Self Guided Tours

Minimum Group Size 20 for the reduced rate of $6.00 each plus HST. We admit one chaperone free of charge for every 5 guests in group. Upon arrival of your bus, one of our staff will meet your group to guide you through the admission process. After giving each of your chaperones a Guide, and a quick orientation for everyone you can head off to begin your day. If you have chosen to do Show & Share we will determine what time we are going to meet in the Show & Share area for your show & Share Show. All animal displays have educational signage on them telling you a little about the animals. We have multiple picnic areas.

Show & Share

Show and Share Show is available for an additional $65.00 plus HST.

Show & Share is where we bring various animals out for your group to meet, greet and in a lot of cases pet. The animals vary from show to show depending on what babies we currently have, what animals are feeling particularly social that day. Any of the animals used in show and share have been hand raised here at the Zoo and as a result love the human attention. It can be anything from baby Kangaroo’s to Baby Lynx, Coati-Mundi’s to Agouti’s Skunks to Tortoises. Show and Share is always changing but always has 6-8 animals. It always amazes us here at the Zoo the facts and bits of knowledge that children in particular absorb from show & share. The next time they are at the Zoo they are always so proud to share their knowledge with everyone and anyone.

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