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"Oh my did I hear that the visitors are coming to see me”. Tanzi, the Serval is on the lookout!

We invite you to visit us...

For a leisurely walk around to experience some really amazing animals and take part in our free educational talks for all our guests!

Tanzi the Serval.jpg

Opening Day - May 11

Daily from

10 am - 4 pm


Garden Center Hours

OPEN 10am to 4pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Closed Mon-Thurs


Adults (19-65 years)           $15

Seniors (65 +)                      $10

Children (2-18 years)         $10

Under 2 years of age are free

Seasons Pass                       $40

(unlimited visits) 

** Children under 16 years must be
accompanied by an adult

Help make our lives a bit better by providing some of the frills to assist us by caring for the animals the best we can.

Everyone has a wish - here are some of ours...please visit our Amazon Wishlist.


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From domestic to exotic we have:
  • Goats, cows, horses, pigs, singing dogs, small mammals,  variety of cats, lemurs, kangaroo's...and much more.

  • Our Birds of Prey area features Barn Owl, Falcons...

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