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Our Camps and Activities offer an experience of a lifetime, that will never be forgotten.

We are happy to have been able to open and to welcome you to visit our sanctuary.  Our COVID safety guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.

Provided there are not dramatic changes to the current COVID guidelines, we will be running our summer camps again this season, so book early!


Camp is $300 plus HST per child.



For more information on the Camps and Activities please click on the links below.

You may register at any time by downloading the Activity Registration form here.  


Summer Day Camps

What an experience, spend a week as a Zookeeper in training. Children who attend Camp at Saunders Country Critters will shape and expand their knowledge of animals and conservation. Not to mention it will be a week they won’t soon forget.

ZooKeeper for the Day

Ever wondered what it would be like to work just feet away from Eurasian Lynx, Wild Foxes, Ruffed Lemurs ? Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on behind the scenes? Well here's your chance to get a peek at our Zoo life accompanying those who know it best, the keepers!






"Each one of us matters, has a role to play and makes a difference. Each one of us must take responsibility for our own lives, and above all, show respect and love for living things around us, especially each other"...Jane Goodall

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